Ramoth in the Bible

1. An Israelite at the time of Ezra

Had taken a non-Israelite wife

  • Ezra 10:29 And of the sons of Bani; Meshullam, Malluch, and Adaiah, Jashub, and Sheal, and Ramoth.

Definition of ram


See also McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia for Ramoth.

A place probably in the south of the tribe of Simeon

  • Joshua 19:8 And all the villages that were round about these cities to Baalathbeer, Ramath of the south. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Simeon according to their families.
  • 1 Samuel 30:27 To them which were in Bethel, and to them which were in south Ramoth, and to them which were in Jattir,

3. A city of the territory of the tribe of Issachar, allotted to the Levites

  • 1 Chronicles 6:73 And Ramoth with her suburbs, and Anem with her suburbs:

4. Ramoth in Gilead


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